P&P Language Online TERMS OF SERVICE

P&P Language Online would like to create
a good, conducive and positive online
foreign language learning community. Thus
we compile terms and
conditions to regulate the use of services offered by P&P Language Online related to the use of the site www.elearning.pplanguage.com . Users are advised
to read and understand carefully the rules that are set because they affect the rights and obligations of Users under the law.

By agreeing, registering and/or using the site www.elearning.pplanguage.com , Users are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all contents in the
terms and conditions set. If the users do not approve one, part or all of the contents of the terms and conditions, the users are not permitted to use the
service at www.elearning.pplanguage.com

Effective Date : 15 March 2018
Last Updated : 15 March 2018

Requirements to Join

  • P&P Language users must be more than 5 years old.
  • Understand basic knowledge in operating Windows or Mac.
  • Students are required to use the computer to ensure that the network is stable (currently the platform only supports Google, Mozilla Firefox browser)
  • Required to install camera and audio
  • Have a personal computer; recommended a laptop.


  • Registration can be done by filling out the form on student.pplanguage.com page
  • P&P Language users get 1-time free opportunity to take a placement test (trial class) after registration.

Payment Method

  • You can use ATM or credit cards for payment on P&P Language website
    Bank Name 戶名 :人能語言有限公司
    Swift Code 銀行代號 :009
    Account No. 銀行帳號 :64028601369800
    Branch Name 分行 :彰化銀行 台南分行

Working Hours

  • Our Customer Service working time: Weekday 9AM - 12PM / 2:00PM - 5:00PM / 7PM - 10:30PM
  • Our Customer Service and Technical Service will be ready to help P&P Language users during business hours.
  • You can contact P&P Language Online Customer Service Center.
  • Customer Service Email: service@pplanguage.com | Line: @xlf8551i

Day Off

  • No Service after Friday 10:30 PM to Monday at 08:59 AM
  • Holidays for English classes based on Philippine and Taiwanese calendars.

Lessons and Schedules

  • The study time for P&P Language English class is 50 minutes.
  • P&P Language users who do not attend the class more than 15 minutes after the class starts will be considered absent and cannot enter the class.
  • P&P Language users must attend a class for at least 15 minutes to be considered present/attend the class.
  • P&P Language users are suggested to take lessons 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Our classes start from morning to evening. However, some teachers may not be available if they have been booked by other P&P Language users.
  • To maintain the teaching quality at P&P Language, teachers may turn on the camera. However, P&P Language users also can turn on or turn off the camera.

Learning Duration and Attendances

  • Lateness in entering a classroom when the class starts will reduce the duration of the learning process that has been determined (in the lesson and schedule section point 2).
  • Our teachers give a maximum of 5 minutes tolerance from the booking time so you can still enjoy the full duration of the study.
  • Our teachers will wait up to 15 minutes lateness from the booking time so you can enjoy the remaining class duration.

Teacher and Substitute Selection

  • Our Customer Service will assist you to choose a teacher who is suitable for you. However, you can choose your teacher on your own.
  • If your selected teacher cannot attend the class due to sick or on leave, we are responsible for providing a substitute teacher. And if you don't want that substitue teacher, student needs to cancel it by yourself 3 hours before the class starts.

Request A Permission or Absence

  • P&P Language users who do not appear in the booked class (in the learning duration and attendances point 3), will be considered as a taken class. Please contact P&P Language Customer Service for more information.
  • P&P Language users must book a class with the instructor no later than 3 hours beforehand.
  • P&P Language user is allowed to cancel a class within a maximum of 3 hours before class starts.
  • Contact our Customer Service to temporarily disable your P&P Language account. When the P&P Language user wants to re-activate the remaining learning period (Unfreeze), please contact Our Customer Service to re-activate your account.

Temporarily Disable Account

  • P&P Language users who need to temporarily stop to learn or freeze the account ( Request A Permission or Absence point 4) need to follow the additional regulations as below:
    1. A user is able to freeze the account ONE time if buys more than 24 sessions.
    2. A user is able to freeze the account TWICE if buys more than 48 sessions.
    3. The maximum length of the time to freeze the account is 2 months.
    4. Users who buy less than 24 sessions are not allowed to freeze the account.
    5. To freeze the account, users need to show documentation, such as a doctor advise document/flight ticket/etc.

Network and Hardware Problem

  • If there is a network or hardware problem from the teachers, we are responsible to move the class time into the appropriate time. P&P Language users need to report the problem to Our Customer Service within 48 hours after the class held.
  • If a network problem from the users occurs during the class, the class will not be replaced.
  • P&P Language users have some points to cancel the class. The number of cancellation points is half of the learning points that have been paid.


  • P&P Language users are not allowed to have activities out of class time with the teachers. P&P Language is not responsible for any fraud by our teachers without consulting our Customer Service first.
  • Registered P&P Language user is not allowed to transfer the remaining lessons to other P&P Language users or other parties without any notice to P&P Language Customer Service.
  • Each individual is only allowed to register 1 account on the platform. The only registered user is allowed to enjoy the benefits of studying at P&P Language. We prohibit 1 account user used for several users and P&P Language has the right to block the account.


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If you have any questions or concerns about our Terms of Service, don’t hesitate
to contact us at service@pplanguage.com